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Landing Page Color Scheme Resources

As part of the landing page design process, you’ll need to think strategically about things like your landing page color scheme, the use of color, the use of contrast, and other color-related topics. Here are some helpful landing page color scheme resources to bookmark and explore: ✅ Gradient Hunt – Helps you explore and create

Website Landing Page Best Practices

When creating a website landing page, you need to take into account the best practices to end up with a highly optimized webpage, but one that also conveys a sense of trust. There are a number of unwritten rules that must be followed if you do not want to stand out for all the wrong

What is a Landing Page Call to Action?

Have you heard of the phrase “landing page call to action,” or CTA, but have no idea what it is? Understating the CTA and implementing it correctly can be the difference between a poorly performing landing page and one that converts at a fierce rate. In this article we will explain the purpose of the

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