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Landing Page Color Scheme Resources

As part of the landing page design process, you’ll need to think strategically about things like your landing page color scheme, the use of color, the use of contrast, and other color-related topics. Here are some helpful landing page color scheme resources to bookmark and explore: ✅ Gradient Hunt – Helps you explore and create

Designing a Lead Generation Landing Page

Are you trying to build a lead generation landing page, but are worried that you’ll get it wrong and your conversion rate will be poor? Don’t worry we are here to help and by the end of this article you’ll learn the top rules that should be followed to end up with a healthy conversion

Building a Landing Page for Shopify

There are a number of benefits to be by building a landing page for Shopify, yet not all sellers make use of such a page. It might be because of laziness or simply because they do not understand the benefits. In this article we will explain the various benefits of building a landing page for