How to Become a Conversion Optimization Specialist

In today’s day in age, the online marketplace reigns supreme. New trends start up every single day, which will only heighten as the online world continues to grow.

If you’re advantageous enough, you might consider capitalizing off of that growth by making a full-time career dedicated to helping companies gain traction online.

One of the most rewarding jobs under that umbrella would be to become a conversion optimization specialist. If you’re interested in learning trends and studying data, it might be for you!

Here are several tips geared towards how to become a conversion optimization specialist and grow your career.

1. Always eager to learn

As previously mentioned, the online marketing industry is constantly shifting in different trends. That means that even professional marketers with 15 or more years of experience are seeing new things today they’ve never seen before.

Some professionals curl up in the fetal position when this happens. The new trends get away from what they’re familiar with and they panic.

That panic can lead to some bonehead marketing moves because they didn’t take the time to research crucial information on things such as landing page optimization.

The best conversion optimization specialists are the ones who never stop learning. Even if the decisions they make originally fail, they learn from their mistakes and become better at their jobs for it.

2. Testing, testing, testing

A significant portion of your career as a conversion optimization specialist is going to be running tests to quantify information. 

For example, the client or company that you work for might be interested in learning more about the call to actions they have on their respective web pages.

To fill that request, you’ll be split testing and categorizing several different angles of their call to actions to find measurable results you can deliver on them.

However, the information isn’t enough. It’s then up to you to come up with actionable recommendations for the information and data that you found.

3. Jack of all trades

The best conversion optimization specialists are the ones that are well-versed in several critical areas of search engine optimization and website production.

The more knowledge that you have on each aspect of SEO, the better you’ll be able to provide a beautiful blend of testing, copywriting, conversion rates, etc. 

For that reason, many companies will pay top dollar to hire a conversion optimization specialist that has experience in web analytics, CTAs, inbound marketing, SEO, etc. 

They also look for key skills in coding such as CSS, Javascript, HTML, and JQuery. Does all of that sound like marketing jargon to you? If so, start by joining an online class geared at walking you through several key terms in the CRO industry.

4. A passion for troubleshooting

There are a number of things that can go wrong in things like your website design, content, backlinking, landing page conversions, etc. In fact, there are a number of things that will go wrong.

Even the marketing intern would be able to tell you that it isn’t performing as well as it should. 

Your job as a conversion optimization specialist is to figure out why it isn’t performing up to expectations. What’s missing? How can you fix it?

Your main job, at the end of the day, is to turn leads and site visitors into clients that purchase products and build customer loyalty with a particular brand.

While that’s certainly not common knowledge to many, it can be learned. You can start by researching several ideologies that experts have on heightening sales conversion rates, marketing products, and providing high-quality content for starters.

All of this information will pay off in a big way down the line. The more that you learn now, the more solutions you’ll have stored up for troubleshooting things as a conversion optimization specialist.

5. Excellent time management

Being a person of so many different skill sets (such as coding, copywriting, etc.), the clients or company that you work for are going to demand a lot of you. Because they know that you can handle it.

While you’re certainly equal to the task, it’s always important for conversion rate optimization specialists to understand the necessity of time management. 

How can you divvy up your work between several different projects that you have going on? What are some ways you can organize your day in order to knock them all out? How long will each project take? Which ones need to be completed before the rest?

Some of this comes with experience. You won’t have mastered time management your first day on the job. However, in time, you’ll get a firmer understanding of how to prioritize your time accordingly.

6. Passion and curiosity

It’s not often that passion and curiosity are paired so closely together, but they’ll need to be as a conversion optimization specialist.

Marketing trends change so fast, so you’ll need a passion for learning what the new trends are by researching them and other companies that are capitalizing on said trends.

Clients only want to work with brands that stay engaged in current trends. That means it’s up to you to know what those trends are and curve your content to them.

Start down your path to become a Conversion Optimization Specialist

Now that you’ve seen several key aspects of how to become a conversion optimization specialist, it’s time to start learning all that you can!

You can begin that process by reading this article about the Zeigarnik effect on landing page psychology.

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