5 Ways to Optimize an Ecommerce Landing Page

Are you in the process of creating an ecommerce landing page, but have no idea what design elements should be included? There are a bunch of things that you need to know to increase the conversion rate.

Traffic is precious, and for any given business there is only a limited amount of it. Sure, you can buy more via PPC campaigns for example, but that costs marketing money, and there is a limited amount of that too. Therefore, you must create a ecommerce landing page that has the highest chance of success as possible.

In this article we will present you with some specific tips that apply to ecommerce landing pages. By implementing these you can perhaps take your conversion rate to personal record highs.

Offer a discount

When a customer arrives on a landing page specifically made for a product, then a discount is often expected. Just look at what your competitors are doing and you’ll notice that many of them are offering discounts.

The discount doesn’t need to be the biggest out there – just a mere 10% is enough to get the attention of the customer. Other offers you can provide include free trials and bonuses. These are popular online offers that customers will respond highly to.

Worried that the promotional offer is biting hard into your profits? The extra online attention you’ll receive as a result of the offer is worth the investment. For a one time sale you’ll possibly be able to acquire new customers for life.

Close up images of products

One of the biggest hesitations of online customers who are buying physical products is not being able to touch the product in person. This can lead to doubts about the quality of the product, and if it matches their requirements.

You can somewhat overcome this hesitation by providing close up images of your products that are of a professional quality. Allow the landing page visitor to zoom in on any specific area of your photo. This allows them to inspect the small details of the product. Potentially, they can determine that the product indeed matches their expectations.

Support chat

A call-to-action could be the support chat function where the landing page visitor can communicate with a member of your customer service team. Monitoring your live chat can increase the odds of closing the sale by providing information about the product.

Also if the customer can see that support staff is online, then it gives a better first impression of your business. It’s similar to arriving at a physical store for the first time and soon afterwards being approached by a friendly associate who can give advice on a particular product.

Customer reviews

One of the most important social proofing functions that must be included on any ecommerce landing page is customer reviews. These can automatically be integrated and pulled from the standard product pages of your website.

A customer is more likely to buy a product that has many positive reviews. Also the number of reviews is another indicator that a product is popular. For instance, 20 positive customer reviews is significantly better than 3 of them.

However, don’t cheat this tip by providing testimonials that are fake. There are enough of those on the internet already. Instead pull genuine reviews from real customers that have already bought the product from you in the past.

Attention grabbing headline

Regardless of the nature of the landing page, an attractive headline must be used to pull in the attention of the casual browser. The headline must convey a sense of why the product will be beneficial to them – select one feature from the product and highlight it.

For example, if you’re selling a laptop notebook that offers an industry leading battery life, then make the headline around that feature. It helps if the tag line focuses on the unique selling point of the product. It gives the potential customer a reason to look into the product and potentially buy it.


The ecommerce landing page tips mentioned in this article are meant to be action items that you can start testing right away. The majority of ecommerce landing pages of top performing companies are already using these tips with great success. To not be left behind by the competition, ensure that you also use them to great effect.

However, creating the same landing page as everybody else is not the best way to get an edge. Figure out your own implementation and come up with other design elements that lead to a higher landing page conversion rate. Good luck!

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