Landing Page Color Scheme Resources

As part of the landing page design process, you’ll need to think strategically about things like your landing page color scheme, the use of color, the use of contrast, and other color-related topics.

Here are some helpful landing page color scheme resources to bookmark and explore:

Gradient Hunt – Helps you explore and create gradient backgrounds quickly, and generate the code for it.


Coolors – This is an easy-to-use color scheme generator with a nifty Chrome extension.


ColorZilla – A classic eyedropper plugin for Chrome and Firefox.


Sip for Mac – For the Mac users, this is a fancier eyedropper that also helps you organize your palettes.


Color Hunt – If you’re looking for inspiration, this is a cool site to browse trendy color palettes.


Color Theory Guide from Canva – This is a short overview of the basics of color theory and the psychology of color.

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