How to Build a Landing Page in a Day

Are you in a rush to create your next landing page, but have no idea what steps to take in order to speed the process up? There are a number of methods that can be implemented to create a professional looking landing page in a day.

This is great if you’re a busy professional that has a big pile of work to complete, or wish to create many landing pages across a wide range of products. The suggestions presented to you in this article will be just a few of the options available to you. Perhaps by carrying out additional research you can figure out other fast methods of getting a landing page completed fairly fast.

Start with templates

There are many landing page templates that can be used to setup a landing page within a short period of time. The template doesn’t come with content, you’ll need to do that part yourself. However, it has the layout, colors, theme and dimensions of the different elements.

There are thousands of different templates that you can choose from. The freedom of choice means the chances of using the same one as a competitor might be using is low. Additionally, you can locate a lot of templates without the need to complete payment. Although, you’ll also find websites where a fee is charged.

WordPress is a common platform used to create websites, and the number of landing page templates for that platform is overwhelming. You can spend days looking through all of the different options.

Hire a professional

Huge freelancer platforms like Upwork and Freelancer allows you to hire a professional for any job, and this includes landing page design. You’ll be able to locate freelancers that have plenty of experience creating landing pages, and might provide you with a 24 hour turnaround time.

However, make sure that you specify in the job description that you need a landing page in a day. Also, spend some time with the freelancer selection process so that you end up with an individual that has the right skills for the job.

Focus on simplicity

It’s an excellent idea to have a strong idea of the purpose of the landing page is before you start designing it. That allows you to hit the ground running. If your landing page is about sharing a video, then you’ll need to make plenty of room for it above the fold. On the other hand, if you want to focus on email newsletter subscriptions, then it will all be about drawing focus to the sign up form.

Also to create your landing page in a day, you need to keep it simple. A landing page typically has a single function, and achieving that conversion means the fewer distractions, the better. So if you want the landing page visitor to watch a video, then having images, surveys and other elements may draw their focus away from the primary goal. Therefore, keep it simple. The good news is that simplicity helps speed up the landing page creation process.

Try a one-click landing page

There are services where you can literally create a landing page with a single click. These are essentially website builders that automate the process of building a landing page, and require no coding at all. You’ll be paying money, but in return you speed up the process and the minimal amount of education is required on your part.

The cost of the landing page service is negligible compared to the amount of time saved and the hassle avoided. You can then concentrate on other parts of the project, like the content for the landing page itself.

There is a selection of good quality landing page creators, which gives you the chance to find the right one for your project.


The different methods outlined in this article to create a landing page in a day are proven to work. There is no need to spend days or weeks working on your landing page when there are fast methods to get the job done. Instead, get the landing page out there as fast as possible, and concentrate on A/B testing to make improvements.

While the design of the landing page shouldn’t take too much time, the content itself shouldn’t be sacrificed upon. Try to get the best copy or video that ensures a great conversion rate. By keeping the principles in this article in mind, your landing page will rock and it won’t take you forever to get the job done.

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