7 Quick Landing Page Optimization Tips (with Examples)

Need to optimize your website or landing page in a hurry?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to conversion optimization, there are some recurring recommendations that come up again and again when I’m consulting with clients.

And in this article, I break down seven such tips for you, one-by-one.

Let’s go!

Focus on clarity

Simplify the above-the-fold section of your landing page to focus on one main thought (headline), a subheadline that goes into more detail, and 1 clear call-to-action.

Here’s what an unclear headline looks like:

If you just read the headline, would you have any idea what this company does?

Now, on the flip side, what do you think of this headline:

It’s pretty clear right away that this tool helps you sell stuff online.

Increase the relevance

Focus less on the features and more on benefits and outcomes that show the visitor how your offer will solve their problem.

This landing page below does a good job of focusing on the benefits for their sales tool, by mentioning stuff like “prioritize which decision makers to pursue with relevant insights:”

Create strong affinity

Design your page in a way that is easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate, looks great on mobile, has legible typography, consistent colors, and authentic images.

Creating a sense of affinity is not easy, but when you nail it, you know right away.

Here are two pages side-by-side:

Don’t you simply like one way better than the other, even if you can’t explain exactly why?

Showcase your influence

Add social proof to your page with testimonials, case studies, numbers of customers/clients, etc.

One company that goes above and beyond with their social proof is Basecamp. Look at all of those testimonials:

Build up trust

Increase the perception of trust by adding trust indicators, badges, certifications, affiliations, and other quantifiable stats such as the number of years in business.

StoryBrand does a great job on this landing page of showcasing some of their trust indicators, while also incorporating some statistical social proof in the subheadline:

Mention an advantage

Make sure to mention your unique advantage that highlights something special about your offer/product/service to address how your solution is different from other options.

My favorite example of a unique advantage is Dyson and their “cyclone technology:”

Make it easy to take action

Repeat your call-to-action several times throughout the page using a contrasting color/style to make it stand out, especially mentioning it at the top and bottom sections.

Here’s an above-the-fold portion of a site that has literally no visible call-to-action in their hero section:

On the other hand, this financial services company makes it super easy to understand exactly what they want you to do next:

The “7 Question” Landing Page Framework

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, or listening to my podcast, you might realize a recurring theme here.

Each optimization tip I shared above is directly related to one of the questions in my “7 Question” Landing Page Framework.

If you’re new to the framework, it’s quite simple really.

When you’re building or optimizing a landing page, instead of focusing on superficial stuff like button colors, or which “element” goes where, first focus on answering the common questions that your visitors may have.

Those questions are:

  1. Do I quickly understand the big idea? (The Clarity Question)
  2. Can it specifically help me? (The Relevance Question)
  3. Do I like it? (The Affinity Question)
  4. Has it helped others? (The Influence Question)
  5. Do I trust it? (The Trust Question)
  6. Is there something special about it?  (The Advantage Question)
  7. Can I easily take action now? (The Action Question)

If you get this part right, everything else usually falls into place (assuming you’re starting with a great offer of course).

So, there you have it! With the landing page optimization tips I shared above and the “7 Question” Landing Page Framework, you’re well on your way to higher-converting landing pages.

Good luck and happy optimizing!

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