How to Make a Landing Page Interactive

The process to make a landing page interactive is straightforward, as there are a number of possible design elements that can be included. For instance, zoomable photos, animations, quizzes and live chat widgets are all great choices for adding interactivity to a page.

As internet technology improves there are even more elements you could include that turn a potential customer from a causal viewer to an active participant of the landing page.

Keep in mind, landing pages can suffer from low conversion rates if the visitor gets bored. There’s nothing worse than a boring landing page that does little to create a sense of enthusiasm. However, if you add design elements that promote interactivity, then user engagement will rise.


You could create a fun quiz on a topic that’s related to the product you’re promoting. The quiz could be educational in nature so that the user learns something by the end of the quiz. If you’re using a platform like WordPress to create the landing page, then you can use a number of plugins to automatically generate the quiz.

However, don’t make the quiz too difficult or too long. The point is to get the visitor to take action right now, and a challenging quiz doesn’t aid the process of getting this done.

Just to me safe that your quiz is the right difficulty level, consider getting a few people to complete it and ask for their opinion on what improvements can be made.

Interactive photos and environments

If you’re trying to sell a physical product on your landing page, then interactive photos are a real deal closer. A customer who is sitting in front of the computer will be wondering about how the product actually looks and feel like in person. Sure the weight and dimensions give an indication, but that is somewhat limited.

Taking it a step further, the photos should allow the user to zoom in on any part of the product image. The zoom has to be high resolution, so that they can get a real sense of what it looks like to the smallest detailed.

If you’re a realtor who is trying to show off a property via a landing page, then a 360 degree viewpoint of the home is ideal. Technology nowadays allows the surroundings to be examined from a single point. So if people can investigate how a particular room looks, then they can interact to see from all angles. This can increase the conversion rate and consequently help close the sale.

Live chat

A chat widget can be included to make a landing page more interactive. Potential customers can ask questions about the nature of the product, the specifications, and what benefits it provides.

The chat support staff can be trained to be knowledgeable in the product, and learn the art of closing the deal. This functionality is an investment, but the ability to close the deal could skyrocket.

The chat widget would typically appear in the bottom right hand corner of your page. It can be set up to automatically connect a landing page visitor with support staff, or wait for the user to click on a button to start the chat.


A number of animations can be setup to activate once a user clicks on specific elements or scrolls down the page. Animations can be used to educate the user or reveal further layers of information about the deal or offer.

Animations are more complicated to implement than other elements, and a web developer often needs to be involved for this. However, they are typically unique, which means the same animations will not be discovered by the potential customer elsewhere and will make your landing page much more memorable.


The various tips on how to make a landing page interactive will certainly improve the attractiveness campaign. However, do not blindly implement them all and expect the best conversion rate possible.

Instead, experiment with these design elements so that you can figure out which ones provide a positive increase in the ROI. Your traffic and customer demographics are unique, and therefore a generic solution cannot be applied.

For instance, while a quiz will work well for one type of audience, another will be put-off by them. Therefore, carry out your own testing and look for further ways of implementing interactivity into your landing pages. It makes the buying process more fun for the end user, and that potentially leads to high engagement rates.

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