What is an Unbounce Landing Page?

Landing pages may seem difficult to understand, especially if you’re trying to build one for the first time. Where do you even start?! That’s the challenge the Unbounce landing page builder is here to help you solve.

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One of the most popular landing page builders in 2019 is Unbounce, which has over 15,000 customers including big names like Hootsuite and Vimeo.

I think it’s safe to say that Unbounce is the world’s leading landing page and conversion platform. Why so? 🤔

Well for starters, what stands out with Unbounce compared to other tools is how they help marketers improve their post-click ad conversion rates and launch more campaigns, faster.

Exploring the Unbounce page builder

Another thing that separates an Unbounce landing page from the competitors is their unique page builder experience.

When you first start building an Unbounce landing page, the interface might seem intimidating. 😳 There are many options to choose from on the left side bar, such as dragging and dropping a button into the section of your choice.

The right side bar is where you can edit each element individually, whether it is font size, background color, page title, and more.

They even have Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR) to personalize your landing page to the visitor based on a specific phrase or location!

If you’re advanced, you can also add your own custom Javascript or CSS.

You can also create popups and sticky bars to attract your offer to your visitors.

Again, everything from the landing page to the sticky bars can be customized any way you see fit.

Unbounce’s template library

And if you’re stuck in a creative block, don’t worry because Unbounce has you covered. Choose from a library of 100+ templates. 👏

With the help of these templates, the Unbounce landing page builder is designed to work for all skill levels and help businesses of all sizes.

Unbounce support

What is a landing page without support?

If you get stuck building your landing page because of a builder issue or just have a general question, Unbounce’s landing page support team is unparalleled.

They offer live chat, email, and phone support in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish. They’re a truly international support team–and super friendly too! 😉

Getting started with Unbounce

In conclusion, an Unbounce landing page is quite special and there are just so many reasons not listed here to why it is the preferred platform for thousands of marketers and business professionals, myself included.

If you’d like to learn even more about Unbounce, and specifically how their pricing plans are different so you can choose the right one for your needs, check out my in-depth Unbounce pricing article that has been updated for 2019.

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