Unbounce Popups and Sticky Bars

Are you interested in using Unbounce popups and sticky bars, but need more info on what they are about? They are essentially page elements that you can add on top of a landing page to increase your chances of securing a conversion.

Unbounce makes the process of creating and implementing these page elements straightforward so why not give it a try? There is a 14-day free trial to see what they are about, which means there is no risk to you. Let’s take a closer look at each of these page elements.


The average popup conversion rate is 3.09%, but that will change depending on your industry. It’s clear that popups do have a role in increasing your conversion rate, so making use of them is a no-brainer. However, they need to be implemented in a way that doesn’t drastically hinder the user-experience of the visitor.

Here are a few reasons why Unbounce popups are a good idea:

  • Quick launch: Unbounce claims it takes only a few minutes to create a popup via the drag and drop interface. The intuitive interface means anyone can use the popup builder – even if you are not technically savvy. There is no coding from scratch, which is great if that is a weakness of yours.
  • Targeting: Popups can appear based on the keywords used to arrive on the landing page. Therefore, you can target each popup to a specific group of visitors, which improves the response rate. Targeting is one of the best things to come to internet marketing in the last decade.
  • Test new promotions: Popups can be combined with coupon codes, lead gen, product announcements, limited-time deals and bonus offers. The flexibility of popups means you are only limited by your imagination.

Sticky bars

Sticky bars as the name implies is a page element that stays locked in place regardless of how far down the page the visitor scrolls. You can place prominent information in sticky bars so users don’t miss them. Depending on your landing page there might be a lot of distractions. Sticky bars help counteract the low attention span nature of modern users.

Here are a few reasons why Unbounce sticky bars are a good idea:

  • Mobile friendly: Nowadays 50% of users are mobile based, which means you need to create pages that are optimized. Sticky bars are a great mobile conversion tool. Also, the sticky bars go down well with Google’s ranking algorithm since they lead to a better user experience. You’ll get a boost in SEO traffic, which means even more conversion for your traffic.
  • Seasonal offers: Sticky bars can be setup to show seasonal offers. Therefore, you can create offers for different times of the year and schedule them. It’s a set and forget approach that is handy for busy marketing professionals.
  • A/B testing: To improve your conversion rate from sticky bars you can use A/B testing. The process allows you to improve sticky bars over time. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if your first few are not responding. You can improve the design over time to achieve your end goals.

Create in 3 easy steps

The process of creating and posting popups/sticky bars is user friendly since Unbounce understands not everyone is technically savvy. Here is the 3 step process:

  1. Choose an offer that you want to include in your sticky bar or popup. The offers should be based on the keywords used to arrive on the page. The targeting feature must be taken advantage of for best results.
  2. Generic page elements are not going to cut it. You need to put brand logos so the viewer can instantly link the offer to your brand. The drag and drop builder allows you to place everything exactly where you want without a steep learning curve.
  3. To go live, you simply need to include a piece of code on your website that’s generated by Unbounce. It’s a simple copy and paste process that anyone can understand.


Sticky bars and popups are simple to implement and will increase your conversion rate, so why not give them a try. You’ll love the flexible nature of these page elements that allow you to target visitors and schedule offers for different seasons.

Your competition is most likely already make using of these marketing tricks so you cannot ignore them. The 14-day free trial means you can see what Unbounce has to offer without getting out your credit card.

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