Website Landing Page Best Practices

When creating a website landing page, you need to take into account the best practices to end up with a highly optimized webpage, but one that also conveys a sense of trust. There are a number of unwritten rules that must be followed if you do not want to stand out for all the wrong reasons.

For example, you should share contact details and any certifications that your business has in the industry. Customer reviews and social media presence should also be included as these are some of the most trust building elements of a landing page.

However, the best practices when building a website landing page are quite simple to follow and can be executed by just about anyone. In this article you’ll learn what they are and how they can help keep your conversion rate healthy.

Keep it simple

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is throwing everything that they have at the landing page in the hopes that something will actually stick. This is counterproductive, because in the noise your offer is going to get lost.

It’s a good idea to adopt the mindset of trying to add the minimum amount of website page elements required to generate a conversion. Sometimes all it takes it a bit of copywriting and a solid call to action button. By keeping it simple you allow the offer to stand out and speak for itself.

However, take this advice with a pinch of salt, because there are cases where the opposite might be better. For example, if you have a complicated product that requires a long explanation, then you’ll need to increase the length, add diagrams and possibly video to convert the lead.

Experience is the best teacher and will clue you in on if you need to create a short or more complicated website landing page.

One offer per page

Have a number of different offers that you want the client to enjoy? While it might be tempting to throw as many offers at the potential lead as possible you’ll have a better chance of converting if you such stick to one offer per page.

Giving each offer its own page allows you to really focus and narrow down on the strengths of that offer. When you flood a page with multiple offers the lead may get overwhelmed and simply find it easier to leave the page as opposed to making a purchase.

However, if you have a number of related offers such as different tiers of a membership then you could group the offers on one page. This could improve the user experience as they can compare the different tiers on a single page. Additional pages could be created to provide the details of each tier separately.

A/B split testing

One of the best practices that you should get into the habit from day one is to carry out A/B split testing. This is the process of altering one variable in the hopes of improving the conversion rate. You can change any variable that you feel will make an impact on the number of people that sign up for the offer you have presented. This could include the headline, copy, CTA button, pictures and color scheme.

You can double and even triple the conversion rate once you have done a round of A/B split testing, which means your sales numbers can go through the roof. Typically the investment required to execute A/B split testing will be insignificant compared to the increase in revenue. Furthermore, you can make use of a software solution like Unbounce that can help create the testing in a methodical manner.


When you take the best website landing page practices into account the chances of creating a successful page are significantly increased. To begin with you should focus on creating a simple design with one offer per page and execute an A/B split testing campaign from day 1.

Keep in mind that the best practices outlined here is the general rule of thumb that should be followed. However, to stand out in your marketplace you have to be unique, which means you’ll need to add your own personal touch to the website landing page. So don’t be scared to experiment with trying something new and you’ll receive a lot of attention from your customer base.

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