What is Conversion Optimization?

Landing pages are great for converting customers, and they can make the most of a limited amount of traffic. However, when the landing page is not setup correctly then the conversion rate can suffer, and you’re effectively wasting the traffic that you’re receiving.

Traffic takes an investment of time and/or money to acquire, which means that maximizing the potential of each visitor is a no-brainer. The process of conversion optimization with regards to landing pages is all about making tweaks so that the percentage of casual visitors that are converted is increased.

In this article you’ll learn some of the top methods that can be used when trying to maximize the conversion rate of your landing page. There is a lot of work that needs to be done, but the process has proven to work for countless successful marketers. We hope that by the end of the article the question of what is conversion optimization will be answered.

A/B split testing

Once you’ve setup a landing page that you feel is underperforming, then the way to optimize is by implementing A/B split testing. This involves selecting one variable and creating two versions of it while keeping all other variables the same.

For example, if you wish to compare the performance of two different videos in terms of conversion, then you can create two landing pages where on each one the only thing that is changed is the video. Then you would measure the conversion rate of each video and the one that gets the better rate should be kept.

You can execute this type of conversion optimisation for a number of different variables. It can take a lot of work to tackle a large number of variables at the same time. So make sure to tackle one at a time so that you do not wear yourself out.

One of the important factors to consider is to gather a big enough samples size before you make a choice regarding which variable is the winner.

Software is a must

For effective conversion optimization management you need software that has a comprehensive array of features. Ideally the array of statistics is comprehensive so that you can figure out the results of the changes you are making.

Also the depth of the data gathering should be great. For instance, the conversion rate of not only the landing page should be recorded, but also the conversion rate of consequent steps in the sales funnel. That’s because a change in a particular variable might provide a boost in the landing page conversion increase, but the overall conversion for the sales funnel drops.

What landing page elements should you change?

There are a number of landing page elements that can be changed, but to start off with focusing on the more important ones is a smart idea. Here is a roundup of what to focus on:

  • Call to action: the way in which you attract the user to the offer plays a big role in how likely they are to respond. You can change a number of things about the CTA such as the copywriting and size. There is an art to getting the CTA correct, and by executing split testing you can figure it out.
  • Headline: arguably the first thing that will attract website visitors to read your landing page is the headline. It must be catchy and instantly grab the attention of the reader. Also there must be a suggestion that the problem that visitor is having might be provided in the landing page.
  • Testimonials: you can change up the number and type of testimonials on the landing page. Social proofing an offer is great, and there are different ways you can do that. Make use of social media feeds or product reviews left by buyers.


Hopefully, by reading this article you now have a better idea of what is conversion optimization. The process of improving a landing page can cost you money. For example, if you carry out A/B split testing with variables that are worse, then you’re losing money. However, in the long run you will begin to understand the art of optimizing the conversion rate.

The investment of improving a landing page is worth it because you can convert more website visitors into buying customer. The time taken to make those improvements can pay for itself by bringing in more sales. Therefore, take the advice given in this article and begin your conversion optimization strategy.

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